Blogtober [2018], Nostalgia

doctor everywhere

Day 2: What was your dream job when you were a kid?

“Doctor!” May be the most mentioned by a lot of kids in Indonesia when they were asked about their dream job.

I can tell you neither the primary reason nor the conclusion why doctor become a common dreams among the kids. I don’t know how about other country, but, funfact in Indonesia, kids usually become scared when it comes to have to go to doctor. And, with that fact, doctor still being most mentioned dream job by Indonesian kids.

It’s ironic, and funny at the same time. 😂

After doctor, famous jobs for kids’ dream jobs are police, teacher, pilot, and army.


Oh, you ask what was my dream job back then?

It was a doctor, no doubt. 😂


Depok – October 2, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018

P.S. My dream job was doctor, but actually the vet one because I looove animals. 💕

And, no, I can’t fulfill that dream job because I took social major on high school while I have to take science major for being a vet. Now, I am a student in Library and Information Science in university, and I am also a writer―my dream job when I was teenager; and it came true!


5 thoughts on “doctor everywhere”

    1. Hahaha, iya, Mas. Tantangan menulis harian selama bulan Oktober, tapi pakai prompt atau semacam dorongan ide gituu. Aku sempet nulis tentang Blogtober itu sendiri di post terpisah. Dalam bahasa Indonesia kok, jadi aman~ 😀

      1. Sip!

        Sebenernya ini upaya merealisasikan wacana lama yang udah berdebu, sekalian improvisasi kemampuan bahasa Inggrisku lagi biar nggak stuck di situ aja, hehe. Tapi, nulis pake bahasa Jawa/Sunda kayaknya menarik juga! Kapan-kapan aku coba, walau nggak jago-jago amat sih. 🙈

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