Blogtober [2018], Opini


Day 3: Do you have favourite season? Share 3 things you love about it!

Since Indonesia is a tropical country and only have two seasons―summer and rainy, I prefer rainy season. 🌧 The reason is simple:

Because I love the cold.

The other complicated―and poetic―reason, I love the romantic things that created by rain.

Is that poetic? I rarely can be poetic tho. 🤔

First of the all things I love about rain, because rain is blessing from Allah swt. Yeah, no doubt. I can’t hate it, I only have to love it. I got a lot of happiness from it, in many ways.

Second, rain reminds me to my childhood. I love playing in the rain back then. It was fun! Sadly, I can’t do it anymore after being a teenager, even young adult. The only time I can ‘playing’ in the rain is when I get caught in the rain on the way home from school. It sure nostalgic for me though I’m fully wet.

Third, I love the cold, the smell, the sound, and everything about it. My favorite is the view of raindrop on the window. That is refreshing view in the rainy days. đź’•

I have morning routine on weekend: sitting down in the front terrace and having a cup of hot tea/coffee/chocolate. It would be very nice if it is raining because the air become airish; cool, breezy, fresh, and chilly. 🌧


Depok – October 3, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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