Blogtober [2018]

human’s superpower

20181014_010118_0001.pngDay 4: If you could have any superpower, what whould you choosen?

Superpower always reminds me to DC Marvel’s movie with their Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, etc. And the one thing I know: they are unreal. Imagination.

Actually, I’m not into superpower movies. I’m only familiar to superpower that related to strenght. Because I was too clueless, I googled and found a superpower that intrest me. Can you guess it?

It is teleport!

Don’t you think it would be very cool if we can go to everywhere with only a blink of an eye? Go to school with teleporting; so I don’t have to face traffic jam everyday with my motorcycle. Instantly go to bookstore; so I can do it everyday without managing my time to go to bookstore between my classes schedule. Even I can go to Japan right now without using airplane that needs 8 hours on the sky (and expensive ticket too), so I can use my money savings for the souvenirs. 🎁

But, back in fact, superpowers are unreal―yeah, unfortunately. So, what I can do is only dreaming all things I mentioned above, lol.

After talks about superpower above, I think it’s better if all of that superpowers are unreal. Don’t you realize without all of that, human already have ‘superpower’? Their strenghts are money and authority. If you have―at least―one of them, you can do anything arbitrarily.

Yes, that’s the ironic of our human.


Depok – October 4, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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