Blogtober [2018], Nostalgia

memories of the past

Day 5: Share your old photo of you & the story behind it!

So, this is one of my old photo with my brothers and cousins in Puncak!

Yes, I am the only girl on the photo, and I am hiding behind my little cousin. 😂 From left to the right: My big brother, my older cousin, me (hiding behind my little cousin), my little cousin, and my little brother. We were on trip to Puncak Pass, a mountain pass in Bogor (West Java). One of popular holiday destination for family because you will got clean air and beautiful scenery of tea plantations.

Here some photos of tea plantations in Puncak Pass I took my holiday on June 2018!

Actually, the five of us also on that trip, but I forgot to take a photo with the same position like we did in the past. 😂 Of course we already changed physically.

Okay, let’s back to the old photo!

I’m not sure when exactly the photo was taken. Maybe when I am still in elementary school … grade 2? If that so, it was 14 years ago―EH, wow! That’s already looong time ago! If I were 7 y.o, my big bro and older cousin were 8 y.o, my little bro 4 y.o, and my little cousin 2 y.o. We were so young on that photo, lol.

I hope on our next trip to Puncak Pass the five of us will not forget again to take an ‘after’ picture together. I think it would be great if we have before and after photo with the same position and location. 🤔


Depok – October 5, 2018

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