Blogtober [2018]

entertainers and influencers

Day 8: Who are your fave Youtuber?

I subscribe a lot of youtube channels, but here three youtubers that I always follow up to their every videos:

Raditya Dika

Who doesn’t know him, one of multitalent person in Indonesia?

I really adore him so much because he is a content creator, and the creative one. He does many things: writing books about his personal literatures, entertaining as a stand-up comedian, casting movies, and directing movies. I follow up his Youtube because his content always interesting in his way.

The most recommended videos from him are his stand-up comedy videos compile. Now, I’m waiting the 2018 videos compile.


Next, MiawAug!

My first gaming Youtuber I’ve ever follow is not PewDiePie, but MiawAug. He is Indonesian Youtuber. I know him from my brother after he recommended me to watch MiawAug videos―and it was gaming play videos. At first I’m not interested as I’m not too interested with game too. But, from one of his gaming play, Detroit Become Human on PS4, I started to watch his other videos and I regret because I didn’t watch it earlier.

He is funny, and―the most important―doesn’t spell bad words as other Indonesian (gamers) always say it while they playing games―and I just don’t know why. My favorite video playlists from his channel are Detroit Become Human (super favorite!), Hello Neighbor (waiting the next release), Attack on Titan, Human Fall Flat (discontinue), aaand Youtubers Life (discontinue).

Nihongo Mantappu

To be honestly, this is last channel I subscribe weeks ago. I know him from another from one of vlogger in Japan’s channel. As they name it Nihongo, it sure a channel about Japan and Japanese language. Mantappu is Indonesia word, mantap, that pronounciated in Japanese. It doesn’t have certain meaning, but it can means cool, awesome, etc. We also can use it to tell the food is really tasty (mantap).

At first, the owner are 2 people, but one person left and the owner now is Mitsui Bussan 2016 tuition awarded. He is sooo funny and receh (low value coins; easy to laugh even from content with low level of humor―me too, lol). He made a lot of videos about Japan and teaching Japanese language as well.

How about you? Who are your fave youtuber? 😆


Here are two other channel I recommend to you!

Ochikeron – This channel provides cooking videos. The owner is Japanese, but she speaks English very well. The recipes are interesting to try!

Piano Tutorial Easy – This channel provides video tutorial how to play song with piano easily (yeah, as they mentioned it in their name). I love this chnnel because they make 3 types of piano playing (super easy, easy, medium, etc.) and we can choose the level 2 our skill. I learned 2 song from here.


Depok – October 8, 2018

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1 thought on “entertainers and influencers”

  1. Me: open house 24 -> cuci mata lihat rumah-rumah cantik. Expedia-> cuci mata lihat tujuan wisata di luar negeri. Eh, itu youtuber nggak, sih? Kayaknya instansi deh, hahaha. ^^

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