Blogtober [2018], Hari-hari

dear diary

Day 12: Describe a day in your life.

I thought today will be another worst Friday in my life, but I was wrong.

Although today I had quiz in the morning class and presentation in the afternoon class, today was a good day (not that Good Day coffee brand in Indonesia―skip, Rifina).

I had bad feeling about today’s presentation since I had my worst presentation on last Friday―I was not prepare already. My lecturer gave a comment about my presentation and that comment made my last week being worst and I was very moody. But my mood getting better on Thursday and I did practice a lot to prepare my presentation today.

Although I was not lucky because my group was the three groups on first turn, I thought it was lucky too because next week we will not doing anything, hahaha. I was nervous with my presentation, but also can’t wait my turn so no need to nervous again after the class over. After practice last night, my presentation going well. I was scared with the QnA session, even the lecturer call my name to give an explanation. But, I got it. I can answer the question.

I feel today I’m levelling up.

I’m very relieved, even though I can’t go home faster because there was meeting with my division in an campus organization I joined. The meeting finished at 5.45 pm and I got home at 7 pm. Sooo tired, but I feel my burden reduced a lot.

A book package brighten my day. It’s a book about ethics and moral philosophy. I’m interested to read it because the book is easy to read. It’s the first textbook from lecturer that make me want to read it.


Depok – October 12, 2018

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