Blogtober [2018]

burning daylight

Day 13: List of your top three phone apps.

Here are the most three apps I used and wasting my time:


Humans talk―that was I learnt from my class that discusses human philosophy. In this globalization era, humans talk through online chatting and me as human using LINE for online chatting.

LINE is the most of my most used apps in my phone. I chat with my friends on LINE. I have some groups with a lot of purpose, from academic to hobbies. Even every class I joined have its own group on LINE. Every class. Moreover, every comittee of an event and group tasks have its own group. Each of them have their own group and that’s why my group on LINE now reached 71 groups.

LINE also multifunction because it has timeline like Facebook has. It can update status like Twitter do. It’s just awesome. So, if you delete it from my phone, I will lost in campus because every information about my class, etc. I got it from LINE groups. 😂

Google Chrome

Second, Google Chrome. Its function same as Mozilla, Internet Explore, etc. Google―as you know―is a super big search engine that will give you any information you need. When I need journal for my assignment references, I find it on Google. When I need an idiom to complete my sentence, I search it on Google. When I download anime, I do it on Google.

Even I also using LINE@ (part of LINE too) and sometimes WordPress using this Google Chrome.


Last but not least, WordPress, of course! I put it on the last because it has lowest frequency of use than the previous apps ai mentiond. I open it frequently―at least 3 times a day. Checking notification, writing ideas or draft, reading other blogs, etc. I love blogging and WordPress is the best blog app I’ve ever try. I always looking forward for WordPress’ notification. I do have a lot of viewers, but somehow the percentage of likes and viewers is so unbalance. Just, why? 🤔


Depok – October 13, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


2 thoughts on “burning daylight”

    1. Hay Day! Game yang masih jadi wishlist karena memori penuh melulu. 😂 Aku juga sering buka Youtube, tapi musiman(?) cuma dalam rangka penghabisan kuota Youtube aja. xD

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