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Day 17: Pop your music on shuffle and share the 10 first songs.

Sounds fun! Let’s try it, and I will try to give little explanation too if I can. 🙈

#1 Sheila On 7 – Seberapa Pantas

Seberapa Pantas means How Worthy in English. This is one of legend band in Indonesia. Sephia is their very first song I heard and I still in kindergarten that time. I thought it says ‘Septia’, my middle name. 😂

#2 Yiruma (이루마) – River Flows in You


One of music I love! Yiruma is a pianist from Korea, he play this song with piano and, somehow, the song sounds like singing itself. I’m very happy when I got this music for free on Piano Tiles (games). 😂

#3 Edcoustic – Muhasabah Cinta

Aaah, this is one of my favorite religious song, and singer too. This song really make me muhasabah (reform the new yourself) from self-introspection to Allah. It has meaningful lyric. Muhasabah Cinta may translate to self-introspection of love, and love in here refers to love to Allah. Sadly, the real singer has passed away. My mother said this song represented the singer true feelings when he got sick. 😭

#4 Sheila On 7 – Sebuah Kisah Klasik

Wow, I didn’t expect will get Sheila On 7 songs again here. 😅 Since they are one of legend bands, their songs are good and have meaningful lyrics. Sebuah Kisah Klasik in English means A Classic Story. Classic here refers to old story, or memories on the past. This song tells about … hm … a hope to keep remember memories of the past in the future? This song always choosen for farewell party song.

#5 Edcoustic – Menjadi Diriku

Edcoustic again! 😭 But this song is more cheerful, but still give meaningful lyric to us. Menjadi Diriku means Being Myself. This song tells us to be ourself as it is with our weakness and strenghtness. We are an ordinary human, we are not perfect. And them, we have to grateful of time we have.

#6 Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) – REALITY

Oh, back to Korean song! Fyi, Akdong Musician or AKMU is one of my favorite singer! It is a duet of brother and sister. The sister has beautiful voice, the brother has awesome voice and very good at playing guitar. I love their songs because I got their uniqueness: cute, funny, and memorable.


Finally, I got the Japanese song! This is an opening song of Haikyu!! anime―one of my favorite anime about sport (volley). This song is sooo energetic, even you can see the energy from the band’s name and its song title with all caps. 😂 Don’t ask me the meaning because I don’t understand it. :”) But, if I can guess it, I think it tells to got our dreams and fly as high as we can.

#8 Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

Finally western song coming~ Bruno Mars similar like AKMU, I got his uniqueness from his songs. He is one of my favorite singer too, but there is one of his song that has a controversial lyric about religion that make Rifina’s favorite songs percentage for Bruno Mars got lower.

#9 Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) – Be With You

I’m not suprised if AKMU comes up again since I have a lot of their songs on my playlist―they are one of my favorite, tho. 😂 The music is good, and they make the song more better after singing it. They are so talented.

… and, what sing will be the last?

*drums roll*



#10 Heize – Round And Round

Wow, it is the opening song from one of legend Korean drama! Goblin! Actually this is from Korea but the song sang in English. And the music reallyyyy memorable and … I don’t know, maybe it hypnotized me?

And, it’s done! Finally, I can write long post again. I have to appreciate myself because it is written in English though I messed up the writings. 😂

Funfact, I really heard all of them eithout skipping one or two songs. When a song played, I am writing what I think about that song. ✨


Depok – October 17, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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