Blogtober [2018], Hobi


Day 20: Do you have any hobbies?

Is it okay if I mention it one by one? I have a lot of hobbies. 🤔


I love reading novel and comics. Newspaper sometimes, at least once a month because I have newspaper subscription that I get once a month―it’s newspaper about Indonesia and Japan. But, sadly, I don’t have time to read book what I like or I want to read for relaxing. I read textbook suggested by my lecturer and I have to read it so I can do my assignments.


I love blogging, like what I’m doing right now. Blogging is part of writing I love. I can share what I think and what I want to share, such as experience, rich information, or maybe just a trivia. I don’t really care it will be read by people or not. But, of course I will happy if everyone read my blog and they love it.


I prefer digital drawing since manual drawing doesn’t has undo, lol. 😂 I always make mistakes while drawing. I also suck at coloring, and coloring on digital is really helps me, for example, to change color that unmatches with other color.

Penpalling & Postcard Swapping

This is my new hobby since February 2018 but I found it so addicting. I have penpals from Indonesia (a lot), Japan, Tunisia, America, Malaysia, Dutch, etc. I also have a lot of postcard from around the world, like Slovenia, Lithuania, China, Japan, Germany, and many else. It’s really addicting and you should try it! ✨


I love watching movies, dramas, animes, etc. My favorite genres are comedy, slice of life, thriller, and mystery. I like to watch TV seriala about police or detective, such as Criminal Minds. Actually I watch everything, eh, except kind of historical movies because I always feel bored while watching it. 😂


I usually do handlettering in the middle of the lecturer explanation in the class when I feel bored. Lately, I do handlettering to make little gift for my penpals with a motivating words like “Semangat!” (Indonesian words).


I like cooking and I’m feeling grateful I can cooking so I don’t have to worry if I feel hungry. I also can try to make somethin I want to eat, such as Takoyaki, Pizza, Egg Drop Soup, and even Birthday Cake!


P.S. Pardon my grammar, I’m too lazy to check it. 😂 It’s already late and tomorrow I have to go to campus. Bye bye my free day. 😭

Depok – October 20, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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