Blogtober [2018], Opini

talking about favorite songs

Day 21: What is your favorite song?

I don’t have particular song that I favorited, but I have kind of song I like: Jazz, accoustic, and casual (?). I will love song that expressing their uniqueness.

AKMU or Akdong Musician is one of casual type I mentioned. Every song of AKMU have their own uniqueness and it’s make them memorable. I love the way they sing ‘cheerful’ song because they add funny accent on the song which is a plus point to make it memorable on their listener mind.

Oh, I just remembered while listening to my music playlist. I also love music by piano, and my favorite is music by Yiruma, a pianist from Korea. My two favorites are River Flows in You and Kiss the Rain, although to be honestly I love almost all his piano playing. Like I said on previous writings when I write my shuffle play, somehow Yiruma’s piano playing is singing by itself. Not with lyrics, but by it melody.

Lately I interested to Indonesia old songs―the legend one. I’m trying to find the beauty and uniqueness of that songs, they are totally different with nowadays songs, somehow.

Actually I don’t know what I wrote in here, lol. I just write what I’m thinking right now because today is almost touch the end.


Depok – October 21, 2018

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