Blogtober [2018], Curhat

talking about blogs i love

Day 22: Five blogs you love.

Hm … it’s kinda difficult question and challenge today. I will try to mention as I can~


First is my bestfriend’s blog! Call her my partner-in-crime. We have lots of same hobbies―the new one is postcard swapping and stamps collecting (eh, it is two already, lol). Our primary hobby is same: writing. She is quite active on her blog. She writes everything! If you can’t find her on her blog, it doesn’t means she stop writing. She is still writing in another writing platform: archive of our own. She is unstopable. For real.

Kidal’s Journey

I found Nadi’s blog from her Instagram yeaes ago. When I know she has a blog, I checked her blog immediately and love it! WordPress is her new blog because her old blog is accidentally deleted. I very adore her writings because she always deliver meaningful value of life from every posts she wrote about her life stories. I’ve meet her once at my university on August, but I think she didn’t realize that she meet me from this blog. 😅 I’m hoping to meet her again in the future. x))

Dewi Nur Aisyah

Same with others blog I love, Mbak Dewi’s blog always share about her life stories too. And she always give moral value on every stories she wrote, keeping us to remember Allah in everything we do in this life. I’m kinda speechless to describe her blog, hehe. We ‘met’ once on Whatsapp group in an online seminar about … I forgot, maybe “being a muslimah with a lot of achievement” with her as the keynote speaker. :))


I’m kind of like reading blog about life stories, true experience, and Kak Diwa’s blog is one of my favorite blog since 5-6 years ago. It started when I want to get Monbukagakusho scholarship, so I browsed its scholarship awardee’s blogs and found some. Kak Diwa’s is one of them. Too bad the blog last update is 3 months ago. I love her blog because she always tell interesting and funny stories. And recipes too!

(Bukan) Hanya Sekedar Tulisan

Its title means (not) just writings. Kak Afif’s blog is one of Monbukagakusho awardee’s blog I followed. I followed his blog because his stories about Monbukagakusho scholarship. I am a scholarship hunter back then (high school). I followed all awardee’s blogs, and instagram. I did it so I can motivate myself to get that scholarship too―but I failed, hahaha. But it’s okay. Until now I still following their blog because I love reading their stories.

Okay, enough for today. Actually not feeling well. 😷


Depok – October 22, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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