Blogtober [2018], Islam

the holy cities

Day 24: Is there a place you would love to visit?

Yes, it is. I would love to visit Mecca. And Medina. Kaaba in Mecca and Phropet Muhammad’s Mosque, An-Nabawi, in Medina. I have to mention two of it because it is kinda a package and can’t separated for ‘the holy cities of Islam’. Oh, even there are not 2 but 3 places! The last is Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Mecca is the holiest city in Islam for Muslims all around the world. Only muslims who can visit this city, it is strictly forbidden for non Muslims to enter this city. There is the holy Kaaba in here which is a qibla for Muslims to turn at prayer. Medina is the second holiest city for Muslims, and also only Muslims who can visit it. There is Mosque of An-Nabawi, our prophet’s, Rasulullah saw., Mosque.

Honestly, I have visited these two cities once on April 2017 with ny family. It was my first traveling overseas, which is to pray in holy cities of Islam. The most memorable one of my life and I really want to visit them again. Although its temperature is hotter than Indonesia―it reaches 40℃ at noon! But, since it was okay, it will be okay next time. I really missed how we feel so focus to worship only in 7 days.

Ah, don’t forget the Mosque of Al-Aqsa. For your information, before the holy Kaaba, Mosque of Al-Aqsa was the first qibla for Muslims. Jerusalem also the city to which Rasulullah saw. travelled on the night of his ascension (Mikraj) to heaven. This is why Jerusalem being special for Muslims.

And, that’s all!

Actually, I really want to go to every countries in the world. 🤔 I really want to visit Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, UK, Dutch, Finland, and others. I hope I can fulfill this dream someday. ✨


P.S. Sorry if it written grammatically wrong. To lazy to check every grammar on internet―and also my assignments is waiting. 😂

Depok – October 24, 2018

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