Blogtober [2018], Buku, Kuliah


Day 27: What are your currently reading?

My current reading is textbook. Which is very surprising because it come from me.

The title is Etika (ethics), a book by K. Bertens. This is textbook from Professions of Information class which learn about ethics, etiquette, moral, amoral, imoral, etc. Kind of philosophy studies.

To be honestly, I’m not really into philosophy, but this book is the first philosophical book that made me interested in reading it. Even I buy the book, not only borrow it from library like my other friends (because we only use this book for the first 2 months; the last 2 months we use another textbook). When I usually reading comic, novel, or other fiction book, this time I read philosophical book which is … wow.

I have to appreciate myself for this. 😂

And I hope I can finish this book before the end of the year.


Depok – October 27, 2018


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