Blogtober [2018], Hobi

tips for new bloggers

Day 28: Your top three tips for new bloggers.

Welcome to your new hobby: blogging!

If you ask me what you can do with blogging, the answer is: a lot!

But, usually bloggers get confuse about theme they have to write. They don’t have idea. So, my first tips is…

Find Your Writing Prompts

If you confuse what to write today, just choose one from this list, and write:

  1. what you like
  2. what you want to write
  3. what you think currently
  4. your oppinion of something
  5. review about games you play
  6. review about (all of) your phone apps
  7. review about favorite movies
  8. review about favorite books
  9. recipes of yours (or your mom?)
  10. your pets
  11. your friends
  12. your families
  13. your hobbies
  14. your travelling stories
  15. your daily stories

… and so on. Back to the first 3 points above: write about what you like, what you want to write, and what you think about something.

If you want to have daily prompt (so you don’t have reason to say writer-block), you can join daily writing project. There are people who held this kind of writing project and provide prompts for a month. Or, you can find random daily prompt and use it to write a post in you blog. Try to find it on Pinterest, you will get a lot of writing prompts! ✨

My second tips is…

Keep Maintain Your Blog

Don’t forget to keep your blog from spider-web and dust. I mean don’t make your blog dying because you neglect it. 🤔

And the last also the most important tips is…

Don’t be Shy! ✨

Happy writing!


Depok – October 28, 2018

#Blogtober #Blogtober2018


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