Blogtober [2018], Nostalgia

august seventeenth

Day 29: Tell us about your fave gig/concert/festival/performance.

August seventeenth is independence day of Indonesia. Almost every sub-district in Indonesia held a festival named tujuh belasan (seventeen). We usually held a lot of competitions which is fun and very interesting! Here are the competition:

Lomba Makan Kerupuk

In english, you can call it crackers eating competition. Crackers or kerupuk is quite popular and Indonesian likes it. My mother is one example of Indonesian who really love eating crackers with her breakfast, lunch, even dinner. In Lomba Makan Kerupuk, the crackers will be tied up with as high as our mouth, and then we have to eat all of them as fast as we can.

Panjat Pinang

You can call it Climbing Greasy Pole Game. Pinang is a palm tree that doesn’t has branch. This concept used in Panjat Pinang, but they use a pole and give it a lot of oil so it become greasy. There will be prizes on top of the pole and participant must grab the prize by working together in ‘climbing’ each other.

Balap Karung

Or you can call it sack race. What we do is we jump into a sackand then racing by jumping in the sack as fast as we can and willing to be a winner! Kinda funny and interesting. Usually, there will be person who fell down because she or he jumping too fast.

Lomba Balap Kelereng

You can call it Egg and Spoon Race. We don’t uss a real egg, but a marbles. First, bite the tip of the spoon. Second, put the marbles on the spoon. Last, walking as fast as you can but keep careful, don’t make the marbles fell down or you will lose.

That’s some competition and game on Indonesia independence day’s festival―and yes, there are still lots of competition and game I haven’t mention yet. It’s so fun! You must try it by yourself. 😎


Depok – October 29, 2018

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